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Janie Dee, Jo Riding, Fra Fee, Nadim Naaman in A Little Night Music

Alastair Knights (Director) and Alex Parker (Musical Director), who brought to life the Society's GOD back in 2014, are reuniting to bring us a one-off outdoor - and socially distant - concert performance of A Little Night Music at London's Holland Park.

The cast will be led by Janie Dee and Joanna Riding with Sharif Afifi, Hiba Elchikhe, Danielle Fiamanya, Fra Fee, Hilary Harwood, Emma Kingston, Emma Harrold, Nadim Naaman, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Ella Tronson and Kayi Ushe.

Jason Carr will be providing the orchestration for the eight-piece chamber ensemble.

200 seats are being made available for the concert on Saturday 15 August at 6 pm, with tickets on sale from 3 August. More information when we get it!

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