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Hillary Clinton joins cast of Into The Woods!

The Arkansas Rep Theatre announced today that former US First Lady Hillary Clinton will be taking on the role of the Giant in their upcoming production of Into The Woods (19 April–15 May).

Clinton will presumably record the dialogue for this off-stage part, following a tradition that has seen the likes of Judi Dench (Broadhurst revival in 2002 and Regent's Park, 2010), Whoopi Goldberg (Hollywood Bowl, 2019) and Glenn Close (Shakespeare in the Park, 2012) voicing the Giant (well, the Giant's Wife).

The former First Lady is no stranger to the state, having served as the Arkansas' First Lady during husband Bill's governorship (twice, 1979–81 and 1983–92). She famously took to walking in the woods following her failed presidential race in 2017, claiming that he jaunts around the forests of upstate New York were a "source of healing and comfort".

"It was part of a process after the election to come to terms with having lost, and my personal disappointment in letting millions of people down. Also my fears about what a Trump presidency might mean for our country and the world," Clinton said on NPR Radio. "So I had a lot to think about. And I think well when I'm walking. I sort of clear my mind."

Into The Woods will be directed by Addie Gorlin-Han and MD'd by Michael Rice.


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