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Date: 4 March 2019

Host: Alex Cardall

MD: Artemis Reed

Guest performers

Eleanor Walsh

Tom Self

The Alex Cardall Trio – with Artemis Reed (keys) and Wun Yen Chan (bass)

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Date: 1 April 2019

Host: Tim McArthur

MD: Benjamin Cox

Guest performers

Julia del Barrio

Amanda Baxter

Scarlett Courtney

Philip Feldman

Julia Romano

Esme Scarborough

Stuart Thompson



Date: 6 May 2019

Host: Alex Young

MD: William Bullivant

Guest performers

Yasmeen Audi

Alissa Finn

Amelia Gabriel

Cecilia Järved

Connor Jones

Lily Kerhoas

Robert Madge

Oisín Nolan-Power

Joe Thompson-Oubari

Mared Williams



Date: 3 June 2019

Host: Alex Young

MD: Oli Jackson

Guest performers

Katie Birtill

Daniel Boys

Ahmed Hamad

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Date: 1 July 2019

Host: Tim McArthur

MD: Matheson Bayley

Guest performers

Matthew Atkins

Abigail Carter-Simpson

Lucyelle Cliffe

Paul Hutton

Special guest: Sister Mary



Date: 2 September 2019

Host: Alex Young

MD: Oli Jackson

Guest performers

Maimuna Memon

Dylan Wynford

Olivia Rose Dowden

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