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Company (1970)

Words & Music: Stephen Sondheim

Book: George Furth

Premise: As Manhattan bachelor – and die-hard commitment-phobe – Robert turns 35, he is forced to examine his relationships and his future in the light of advice from his "good and crazy" married friends.

Major productions:

1970 Alvin Theatre

1993 Beaumont Theatre

1995 Criterion Center Stage Right

2006 Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Alvin Theatre (1970)

250 West 52nd Street, NY 10019, USA

Now the Neil Simon Theatre

Previews: 7

Opens: 26 April 1970

Closes: 1 January 1972

Performances: 705

Producer/Director: Harold Prince

Musical Staging: Michael Bennett

Associate Choreographer: Bob Avian

Musical Director: Harold Hastings

Orchestrator: Jonathan Tunick

Dance arranger: Wally Harper

Scenic & Projection Designer: Boris Aronson
Costume Designer: D. D. Ryan
Lighting Designer: Robert Ornbo
Sound Designer: Jack Mann

Hair: Roberto Vega


Robert: Dean Jones (26 April–28 May 1970); Larry Kert (29 May–24 December)

Sarah: Barbara Barrie

Harry: Charles Kimborough

Susan: Merle Louise

Peter: John Cunningham

Jenny: Teri Ralston

David: George Coe

Amy: Beth Howland

Paul: Steve Elmore

Joanne: Elaine Stritch

Larry: Charles Braswell

April: Susan Browning

Marta: Pamela Myers 

Kathy: Donna McKechnie

Vocal minority: Cathy Corkill, Carol Gelfand, Marilyn Saunders, Dona D. Vaughn


Robert: Larry Kert (29 May 1970), Gary Krawford (27 December 1971)

Sarah: Cynthia Harris (21 July 1971) 

Harry: Charles Braswell (29 March 1971), Kenneth Kimmins (31 May 1971)

Susan: Alice Cannon (5 October 1970), Charlotte Frazier (29 March 1971] 
Peter: Kenneth Cory (27 April 1971) 
Jenny: Jane A. Johnston (13 May 1971), Teri Ralston (returned on 25 October 1971] 
David: Lee Goodman (29 March 1971), George Wallace (13 May 1971), Lee Goodman (returned 25 October 1971) 
Amy: Marian Hailey (29 March 1971), Beth Howland (returned 25 October 1971) 
Joanne: Jane Russell (13 May 1971), Vivian Blaine (1 November 1971) 
Larry: Stanley Grover (29 March 1971) 
Marta: Annie McGreevey (13 May 1971) 
Kathy: Brenda Thomson (13 May 1971), Priscilla Lopez (25 October 1971) 
April: Carol Richards (December 1971)

Musical Numbers:

Act One

"Company" – Robert and Company
"The Little Things You Do Together" – Joanne and Company
"Sorry-Grateful" – Harry, David, Larry
"You Could Drive a Person Crazy" – April, Kathy, Marta
"Have I Got a Girl for You" – Larry, Peter, Paul, David, Harry
"Someone Is Waiting" – Robert
"Another Hundred People" – Marta
"Getting Married Today" – Amy, Paul, Jenny, and Company


Act Two

"Side by Side by Side" – Robert and Company
"What Would We Do Without You?" – Robert and Company
"Poor Baby" – Sarah, Jenny, Susan, Amy, Joanne
"Tick Tock" – Instrumental; Danced by Kathy
"Barcelona" – Robert and April
"The Ladies Who Lunch" – Joanne
"Being Alive" – Robert


Company - Original Cast Recording 

  • LP, 1970 [Columbia OS 3550]

  • 8-track Cartridge, 197? [Columbia 18-12-0052] – deleted 1976

  • Cassette, 197? [Columbia 16-12-0052] – deleted 1976

  • LP [quadraphonic, different mix], 197? [Columbia SQ 30993]

  • 8-track Cartridge [quadraphonic], 197? [Columbia SAQ 30993] – deleted 1976

  • LP, 1982 [Time-Life Records STL-AM12] [with A Little Night Music and A Funny Thing...]

  • Cassette, 1982 [Time-Life Records 4TL-AM12] [with A Little Night Music and A Funny Thing...]

  • Compact Disc, 1990 [Columbia CK 3550] [57:23 mins]

  • Cassette reissue, 1990 [Columbia JST 3550]

ProducerThomas Z. Shepard 

Engineer: Fred Plaut, Robert Waller, Ted Brosnan, and John Guerriere
Recorded at: Columbia 30th Street Studios, NYC, on 3 May 1970
Liner notes: Charles Burr

Selections: "Company" (5:34), "The Little Things We Do Together" (3:09), "Sorry Grateful" (3:32), "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" (2:35), "Have I Got a Girl for You" (2:33), "Someone is Waiting" (2:54), "Another Hundred People" (2:45), "Getting Married Today" (4:10), "Side by Side by Side" / "What Would We Do Without You" (8:41), "Poor Baby" (3:04), "Barcelona" (3:19), "The Ladies Who Lunch" (4:30), "Being Alive" (4:48), "Finale" (1:45).


Grammy Award winner for Best Original Cast Show Album

Anchor 1

O'Rourke Center for the Performing Arts (1999)

1145 W. Wilson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60640

Previews: 14 May 1999

Opens: 19 May 1999

Closes: 18 July 1999

Performances: xx

Director: Carol Metcalfe and Clive Paget

Musical Director/Orchestrator: Peter Corrigan

Set and Costume Designer: Bridget Kimak
Music Supervisor: Mark Warman
Musical Staging: Tim Flavin
Lighting Designer: Geoff Spain
Production Manager: Pete Bull


Bobby: James Millard
Dino: Maurice Yeoman
Artie: Jeremy David
Ray: Simon Greiff
Celeste: Tracie Bennett
Hank: Mark Haddigan
Gene: Sam Newman
Fantasy Man/Male Vocalist/Clune: Gavin Lee
Fantasy Woman/Miss Fletcher/Florence/Usherette/Dakota Doran/Female Vocalist: Rae Baker
Police Lieutenant/Fantasy Butler: Paul Brereton
Mildred: Ashleigh Sendin
Helen: Anna Francolini

Musical Numbers:

Act One

"Saturday Night" – Dino, Bobby, Ray and Artie
"Class" – Gene and Company
"Love's a Bond" – Male Vocalist
"Isn't It?" – Helen
"In the Movies" – Celeste, Mildred, Usherette, Artie, Ray, Dino and Hank
"Exhibit A" – Bobby
"A Moment With You" – Male Vocalist, Helen and Gene
"Saturday Night" (reprise) – Dino, Ray, Artie and Bobby
"So Many People" – Helen, Gene
"One Wonderful Day" – Celeste, Bobby, Hank, Dino, Artie, Ray, Mildred, Florence, Gene, Helen


Act Two

"Saturday Night" (reprise) – Dino, Ray and Artie
"I Remember That" – Hank, Celeste
"Love's a Bond" (reprise) – Female Vocalist
"All for You" – Helen
"It's That Kind of a Neighbourhood" – Dino, Ray, Artie, Mildred, Celeste, Hank
"What More Do I Need?" – Helen, Gene and Company
"One Wonderful Day" (reprise) – Company


Saturday Night – A Stephen Sondheim World Premiere Cast Recording

  • Compact Disc, 1998 [First Night [UK] CD65] (52:50)

  • Compact Disc, 1998 [RCA Victor [US] 09026-633182-2]

Producer: Chris Walker
Engineer: David Hunt, assisted by Niall Alcott
Orchestrator: Peter Corrigan
Conductor: Mark Warman
Recorded at: Angel Studios, London, 10–11 February 1998
Selections: "Saturday Night", "Class", "Love's A Bond", "Isn't It", "In the Movies", "Exhibit A", "A Moment With You", "Saturday Night (Reprise)", "So Many People", "One Wonderful Day", "Saturday Night (Reprise)", "I Remember That", "All For You", "It's That Kind of a Neighborhood", and "What More Do I Need?"

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