Company cast recording – it's here!

Hot on the heels of the National Theatre's Follies recording, the cast album of Marianne Elliott's groundbreaking production of Company is here at last, made available to download or stream via the likes of Amazon and Spotify.

The album – recorded at RAK Studios in London last November – contains just over 1 hr 6 min of music, and even includes musical numbers such as "Tick Tock" and the curtain call and exit music.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that we are able to share our production of Company with audiences with this brand-new cast recording," said Director Elliott. "We had the absolute pleasure of having Stephen Sondheim in the studio making sure it is the very best it can be. As we near the end of our run in the West End, it is a joy to have this permanent record of a show that has meant so much to all of us.”

Rosalie Craig (Bobbie) added: "I am so thrilled that this wonderful and very special production of Company has been recorded for everyone to listen to for years to come - to be the first ever female Bobbie on stage and for that to be captured on a cast recording is a huge honour."

Track listing:

  1. Overture – The 2018 London Cast of Company

  2. Company – Rosalie Craig, The 2018 London Cast of Company