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Daniel Radcliffe to star in off-Broadway revival of Merrily We Roll Along

The New York Theatre Workshop wil be playing host "in late 2022" to Daniel Radcliffe in the role of Charley Kringas in a revival of the Sondheim-Furth time-twister Merrily We Roll Along. Sondheim Society patron Maria Friedman will direct, and Tim Jackson will once again choreograph.

Friedman directed the show to much acclaim at the Menier Chocolate Factory, before its transfer to the Harold Pinter Theatre. It won the Olivier Award for Best Musical, and was also filmed and broadcast to cinemas in 2013.

The production was also seen at the Huntington Theatre in Boston and the National Theatre, Tokyo.

The NYTW has a 40-year history of non-commercial, artist-led productions. According to their website:

At NYTW, we believe the Artist has something unique to offer—a perspective as valuable as the Scientist, the Philosopher, and the Theologian. We believe that the communion between artists and audiences—what happens when powerful ideas bring people into the same room for a shared, live experience—develops empathy and deepens understanding. That’s why we do everything in our power to support it, whether that means pushing our space to its very limits, taking a chance on fresh, new perspectives that urgently need to be heard, or exposing our audiences to ideas that take them outside of their comfort zones.

Watch the trailer for the recording of the Pinter production here:


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