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FULL RECORDING: A Little Night Music @ Abbey Road

Our friends at JAY Records have just released a YouTube video that unites their glorious audio recording of the entire A Little Night Music with the film footaged captured during the Abbey Road sessions.

"The vocal syncing has been made as close as possible," we are told, "but video segments may have been from other takes and not precise. Chapters have been added to find each track on the video."

The digitally remastered JAY Records soundtrack comes highly recommended. It features Sian Phillips (Desiree), Eric Flynn (Frederick), Elisabeth Welch (Mde Armfeldt), Janis Kelly (Anne), Jason Howard (Carl-Magnus), Bonaventura Bottone (Henrik), Susan Hampshire (Charlotte) and Maria Friedman (Petra).

DDJAY 8034





CD1: 70'45''


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