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Get to Know the Judges of SSSSPOTY 2024: JAK MALONE

Jak Malone to judge at Stephen Sondheim student competition

"I've loved Stephen Sondheim’s work since I first got my hands on the DVD of the Broadway production of Sweeney Todd when I was 14," says Jak. "His work is intricate, oftentimes challenging but always satisfying. No other composer can reach me quite like Sondheim.

"I’m just ecstatic to be judging this year. You’re telling me I get to sit and revel in some of my favourite Sondheim classics? And then sink my teeth into some new musical theatre? All deftly performed by a new generation of talented artists? And tea and biscuits are provided!? I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon."

Jak Malone is an Olivier-Award-winning actor best known for his portrayal of Hester in the smash hit musical Operation Mincemeat. Jak trained in Acting at The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts in his native Merseyside before making the move to London. In his spare time Jak is an avid fan of horror movies, nail varnish and The Muppets 2.


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