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Where you going? Malaga

Best Actor Oscar nominee Antonio Banderas is directing and starring in the Spanish-language premiere of Company, at his theatrical home in the Soho CaixaBank Theater, Málaga. Banderas takes the lead as Bobby in a production with musical direction - and a 26-piece band, nay orchestra! - by Arturo Díez Boscovich.

The Hollywood favourite founded Teatro del Soho in 2019, and starred in its inaugural show, A Chorus Line. Company - which opens on 17 November and runs until 30 December (not consecutive days) - has a cast of leading figures from the Spanish music scene such as María Adamuz, Roger Berruezo, Albert Bolea, Lorena Calero, Lydia Fairén, Dulcinea Juárez, Silvia Luchetti, Anna Moliner, Julia Möller, Paco Morales, Marta Ribera, Carlos Seguí, Rubén Yuste, Nando González, Pepa Lucas, Beatriz Mur, Mariola Peña and Ángel Saavedra.

“I think of Company as a hindsight. A flashback, perhaps a dream of its protagonist Bobby, who revisits his "crazy friends" traveling back to the 70s, from where the temporal distance makes him witness what in another time were his contradictions, his fears, his loves and heartbreaks, now confronted from their chosen loneliness, embraced by the idea of ​​"being alive", and with the certainty of the relentless and inexorable passage of time and the proximity of... someone? " Antonio Banderas

For more information, and to book tickets, visit the CaixaBank website.


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